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smluniversity's Journal

S.M.L. University
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SMLU Home of the Fighting Wizards!

SMLU (Southern Memorial Liberty University) is an Original Character based RPG community, set at a fictional college located in Houston, Texas.


1. Please no net speak. We understand that a lot of people use it in their day to day lives, but it's hard to read.

2. Do not start drama with another player. If you have a problem with them, please contact the mods via leaving us a message at the mod community located at smlu_mods.

3. All major plot points such as death, pregnancy, marriage, natural disasters and the likes must be approved by a mod.

4. No God Modding. People join RPs to have a good time and to play their own characters.

5. We reserve the right to close enrollment for certain genders or grades in order to keep things balanced. Please try not to apply for a senior girl when we already have 7 but no junior boys. Applying for someone we need will make it far more likely for you to be approved.

6. New applications must be from active journals. I.e. have people on their friends lists, icons in the user pics etc.

7. New players may apply for two characters to begin with, one male and one female. After one month the player may apply for a third character. Acceptance of a third character will be subject to activity of other characters the player has.

8. Some old players have more than three characters, however, if they wish to take on a new character from this point on, they must first drop an old character.

9. Mary Sue/Gary Stu = Bad. If your character becomes one you will be asked to leave.

10. You will be asked to update at least once every 14 days in order to be considered active. You will be reminded on the 10th day and given until the end of that week to either update or place your character on hiatus. If you do not do so, you will be removed for inactivity. If you know you will be unable to update for a certain amount of time due to an issue beyond your control please tell us.

11. We will do an activity sweep every two weeks and remind players that they are in need of an update. If you have to be reminded more than 3 times to update, you will be removed without question.

12. Surveys will not count as a character update unless, they are the kind in which your character will answer questions about themself in it, or unless you are not nearing your 14 day update deadline.

13. This game is for original characters only. Your character may be based off of someone from fandom, but may not be identical.

14. Please remember just because someone doesn't want to pair with you or because their character may not get along with yours does not mean that person hates you.

15. This game is friends only, which means you must set your posts to friends only as well as friend all character journals. The friends button can be found here.

16. Group postings in the community such as dances and parties are written in 3rd person, journal entries are done in 1st person. You may also use 3rd person if you would like to RP out a scene between yourself and just one or more other characters. Please use the following format.

17. All questions should be asked by leaving the mods a message at the mod community of smlu_mods via this post. Also you may try posing questions at our OOC community smlu_ooc if you have a question for other players and not the mods.

18. Aim play is allowed and a list of character aim names are provided for all players interested in this play option. This game is based primarily on lj and characters are expected to participate in lj. If aim conversations are continuations of lj conversations we ask that they be posted in character journals.

19. If lj conversations are meant to be private between only certain characters we ask that it is noted in the comment title so other characters will not be confused.

20. Rules may be added, changed or removed as needed.

All new players must apply before joining this game. Please fill out the following application and post your answers as a reply to this post. You will be notified by the Mods if you're approved. We are not currently accepting female characters.

Available activies for your character can be found here : (clubs, sports or competition groups)


Caroline 'Carly' Epson = capecodcarly
Mark White = mark_markie
Cassi Sanders = cassi_gone_bi
Grace Tully = little_gracie
Reid Davis = walkabout_reid
Lachlan 'Lachie' Gionoutsos = laguna_lachie
Julieanne 'Julie' Chen = julianne_chen
Kennedy Roberston = lilsiskennedy


Samantha 'Sammi' Collins = sammi_elise
Natasha 'Tasha' Lewis = t_for_tasha
Nicholas 'Nick' Miller = xintothedepthsx
Ryan Nidiffer = charmofthesouth
Clare Thompson = clare_bear_6


Logan Hunter = hottie_hunter
Olivia 'Liv' James = southwestsweety
Landon Sheraton = randomlandon
Janine 'Jane' Johnson = soplainjane
Adrianna 'Adri' Skies = adriskies


Luke Anderson = look_at_luke
Edward 'Eddie' Westerly = european_export
Jacqueline 'Jacky' Devereau = georgia_jax
Chevon 'Chevy' Carter = chevy_carter
Brendon Phillips = tke_prez
Matthew 'Matt' Stevens = betterthanu01


Dean Jackson = smladministator

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Player contact list

Character AIM Screennames

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